Are You in Search of a Company That Offers Comprehensive Construction Consulting Services?

A true construction leader, President and founder of Construction Concepts, Josh Weisman has over twenty years of industry experience and key management to one of the most sought-after commercial design and build companies in Houston. Under his leadership, the company was named to The Houston Business Journal’s “Fast 100” of the Top 100 Small and Mid-Sized Companies for the eighth year in a row and has won multiple awards for customer satisfaction.

Weisman’s vision to build an infrastructure that would deliver exceptional results while increasing value to clients involved with small-scale projects is reflected in his company’s commitment to quality, cost control and consistency. He has also taken steps to streamline processes and improve efficiency, resulting in a new focus on how his construction staff operates.

Building on previous initiatives including customer satisfaction initiatives and a focus on customer service, Weisman has worked with contractors and other industry professionals to bring this new focus to his construction company. Working with them in planning, budgeting and execution, Weisman helps clients understand their projects, their customers and how they fit into the overall plan. Our goal is to be able to deliver the best result to our clients while maintaining our commitment to customer service excellence. This commitment is what sets us apart from many other contractors, and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve your construction goals.

We are committed to providing our clients with customized construction design services for everything from large projects to small scale residential remodeling projects. We are looking for new customers, and the best way to get started is by checking out the information below. If you have the ability to help a new client or if you just need a little help with a current project, contact us today!

Our mission is to provide a full range of construction consulting services that meet the unique needs of our customers, which includes:

Contractor Services: Providing a full range of construction consultation and planning services that include design and pre-construction activities, engineering, bid preparation, scheduling, contract management, budget management and post-construction cleanup and repair. The majority of our services focus on planning, scheduling and budget management. and design and construction of construction projects.

Contractor Maintenance: Providing complete management services for ongoing maintenance and repair of your contractor equipment, property, and facilities. We provide expert training to your contractors about site maintenance and repair of equipment. We are also skilled at managing your subcontractors and suppliers to assure that everything is delivered on time and to your satisfaction. Whether it is for machinery or materials, we strive to keep the operations running smoothly.

Construction Planning and Design: Developing strategies to increase productivity by eliminating unneeded jobs and eliminating obstacles along the way. We use technology and innovative techniques to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Site Inspection: Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t, and the status of each. We also inspect all sites before construction begins to prevent problems or cost overruns later on.

Waste Management: Ensuring all materials are properly disposed and recycled and to the highest standards. Also ensuring that the construction site is free of harmful and toxic materials and wastes.

Construction Site Cleanup and Repair: Improving the clean up and repair after the construction is completed. We provide services for site cleanup including demolition, foundation repair and reconstruction, site stabilization, soil remediation and site preparation, soil restoration and grading, septic tank installation, site preparation, excavation, and site clean up and repair.

Whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, or municipal, construction projects require extensive planning and execution. With our expertise and commitment to our clients, we will deliver a high quality experience and a project that is well executed. You will never get the same results, no matter where you go in the construction world.

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